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ESG Investors Invest in Sustainable Communities

What criteria do you look for when considering an investment? Environmental, social, and governance– or ESG– criteria are quickly becoming the must-have boxes to check off for any consideration. ESG investors know that they’re making a rewarding choice for their business and their conscience, as their investment benefits their portfolio as well as helps to create sustainable communities. Many investors are looking to invest in companies that reflect their values. Companies that prioritize ESG issues are doing just that; by coming up with solutions that are focused on creating environmentally and socially responsible living, multifamily investors know that these companies are using their dollars to provide an ideal living environment for tenants as well as to fuel positive changes for the future of the community and the climate.

Sustainable Communities Benefit Tenants and ESG Investors

Multifamily investors know that sustainable communities are important. A person’s home is a reflection of who they are, and many people want to make environmentally-friendly choices; so much so, that 59% of renters would pay more to live in a green or sustainable community. These green communities are not only beneficial to the tenant, but are equally beneficial to ESG investors because they provide a valuable living experience that attracts and keeps occupants. Green certifications and upgrades often have the added bonus of creating a more efficient building, creating an optimal environment to sustain maximized rents while also sustaining low operating costs.

Lloyd Jones’s Commitment to ESG Investors

As the best Senior Housing Operators in the industry, we bring a plethora of experience, plus a proven track record of high-performing Senior Living Communities. Our leadership team combined has over 100 years of experience in the industry, and have developed/leased over 60 Senior Living Communities. Plus, our team is adept at researching and analyzing the newest innovative Senior technology, and incorporates the most effective technology into all of our communities.