Jimmy Carrion

As chief operating officer of Lloyd Jones, Jimmy Carrion is responsible for the oversight of the firm’s subsidiaries, with a special focus on Aviva Senior Living. Previously senior vice president of investor relations, Jimmy has been with the company since 2020.

Having worked closely with CEO, Chris Finlay, Jimmy has been involved in every aspect of the business from investor relations, investment acquisitions and underwriting, to senior-housing asset management.

His 15-year career has focused on operations and investment management, starting with the Atlanta Razorback Sports Complex of the North American Soccer League where he served as director of operations for the facility.

From there, he worked in the construction industry as director of sales and operations for a construction management firm.

Prior to joining Lloyd Jones, Jimmy served as regional business development manager of OYO USA, the second-largest hotel chain in the world Jimmy holds a bachelor’s degree in international business from Georgia State University and is fully bilingual.