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Lloyd Jones: Multifamily Real Estate Investment

When it comes to multifamily real estate investment opportunities, Lloyd Jones understands that it is important to have our hands on the wheel at all times. We focus on the markets and products that we know better than anyone, and we ensure every investment made is direct from us. Looking at both multifamily and senior housing opportunities, we focus on the Southeast, most often Florida and Texas.

Let’s Grow Together

We always want to provide our partners with a steady cash flow along with considerable capital appreciation. Since 1990, our total investment/development has reached $1.2 billion and our partners are happy with the tax benefits they receive, the stability of the market, and their property value increasing with inflation. Now, we are excited to offer our institutional-quality real estate investment opportunities at check sizes as low as $500k. We are looking to invest in a common goal. Raising this capital would mean we could acquire more multifamily and senior housing properties.This is going to be offered internationally as well as in the U.S! We have a capital markets team member who is focused exclusively on making connections in Latin America, with a focus on Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and Mexico. As we know, multifamily real estate is part of commercial real estate and qualifies as an alternative investment. What we see in this market unlike any other is consistency. We do not see the fluctuations that the stock market does. With our dedication, in-house investment/analyst teams, resources, and experiences of our multifamily and senior housing management divisions, we could not be more excited for the future.

Investing In You

In our four decades of working and investing in the multifamily real estate environment, we have gained so many useful insights and resources. What we love most though is partnering with people who are just as eager as us to get to the next step in the process. We are ready to take the first step, are you?