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Maintaining Quality of Life

Maintaining Quality of Life

Def. qual·i·ty of life: the standard of health, comfort, and happiness experienced by an individual or group, “the things that are needed for a good quality of life.”

A senior’s quality of life is vital in order to keep them in good health. As seniors age, they start losing not only friends but their independence. It is vital to be aware of the signs and be able to recognize and address them. Below are five key points to help improve the quality of life for your aging senior.

  1. Monitor and Treat Depression – Be mindful of events that can trigger or heighten depression, such as losing a spouse or a loved one, having to move out of their home, or being on the wrong medications.
  2. Remind Seniors That They Are Useful and Needed – Remind them how important they are and make them feel wanted and needed. Give them simple tasks to complete such as folding laundry, clipping coupons, or helping to cook meals.
  3. Encourage Physical Activity – Make sure they are engaged in some daily physical activity. This not only keeps them physically fit—and possibly reduce fall risk—but also keeps them mentally fit.
  4. Encourage Mental Activity – Continue to engage in conversation, problem-solving, games, and puzzles.
  5. Keep Them Connected – Help them to stay connected to family and friends through various forms of contact, such as by phone, texting, email, and social media. Please be sure to include them in family outings, shopping, or even consider introducing them to new hobbies.

Seniors see life from a different perspective. They look at aging as losing all their independence, giving away all personal possessions, and separating from family and friends. Below are some key points that are important to seniors as they age:

  1. Being able to feed oneself
  2. Getting enjoyment out of life
  3. Living without severe, lasting pain
  4. Having long-term memory
  5. Feeling what one does is worthwhile
  6. Being able to dress oneself
  7. Having a good short-term memory