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A Recap of Lloyd Jones Capital’s CEO Panel Discussion

A Recap of Lloyd Jones Capital’s CEO Panel Discussion

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The Lloyd Jones Capital team had a great time networking with other investment firms and more importantly, investors from around the world, at Opal Group’s 2016 Real Estate Investors Summit. Our firm had a booth where we connected with investors and shared our strategies in regards to real estate investing, previous deals and the types of returns we have achieved for our clients.

In addition to the networking and social events, our Chairman and CEO, Chris Finlay, was asked to speak on a panel on the first day of the summit about investment strategies and styles. During this panel, Dean Crombie, the moderator and Senior Trustee at New Hampshire Retirement System, asked a lot of good questions about the real estate market. Some of the questions included: Where are we in the real estate cycle? What types of multifamily strategies are investment firms using? In what state is multifamily real estate booming?

A few keynotes our CEO mentioned on the panel:
– The key to real estate investing is good management and not over leveraging.
– Class C real estate is the last to be affected by a recession and the first to rebound, providing low risk.
– While the oil bust is hurting some areas in Texas, many other parts, including Houston, are thriving with an influx of new residents, who all need places to live.
– South Carolina is a state that Lloyd Jones Capital focuses on because of the thriving job growth and population growth. These are indicators that rental demand will be high.
– Many different demographics are choosing to rent and there is a lot of new data proving Millennials are driving this trend. This movement is another positive indicator for the multifamily real estate market.
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