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A trusted partner

A trusted partner

Lloyd Jones creates value in our acquisitions via various strategies, from capital improvements, rigorous management and asset management, to simply knowing what to buy, when to buy, and when to sell.

With a highly selective $750 million in assets under management and a realized IRR of 29.03%, we capitalize on our 40 years of experience to find/create investment opportunities for our partners.

Asset classes

Senior Housing

Senior Housing

Driven by demographic demand,
senior housing will be the preferred asset class for the next 15 years. Underserved, with an exploding population, the senior housing market is virtually unlimited.

The current environment offers opportunities to acquire assets below replacement value.

Lloyd Jones can turn these facilities into modern, up-to-date communities comparable to new construction.
But, a lower rent structure makes them affordable to a larger market.



Regardless of the economic cycle, multifamily remains a high-performing asset class, especially middle-income and workforce housing.

To provide strong returns for our investors, we look for 1980+ vintage communities of 150+ units in vibrant, high-growth locations, focusing on Texas, Florida, and the Southeast.

Subject to a stringent underwriting process, we acquire assets that project excellent cash flow and capital appreciation. This strategy has provided an enviable track record over the past 10 years.

Investment strategies


Lloyd Jones identifies
high-potential but underperforming assets in markets with strong demographic fundamentals. Purchased at a discount to replacement cost, these assets can benefit from Lloyd Jones’ professional business plan and/or a capital improvement strategy that creates value.

Core Plus

Located in dynamic areas, these properties require minimal capital expenditure and present investors with stable cash flow.


When investment opportunities present themselves, Lloyd Jones is ready to tackle the challenge. These assets typically require a major turn-around effort and substantial capital investment but can yield outsized returns for our investors.

Asset management Asset management

Asset management

Asset management is a critical component of the investment process. Our asset management group monitors the strategic plans and performance of each property to ensure business goals are being met. They focus on the financial health of the asset with an eye on the long-term appreciation and short-term cash flow. They study market trends and the economics of each market watching for any economic factor that could affect the asset or the neighborhood. Finally, they help determine the right time for asset disposition.

The asset manager represents the ownership interest on behalf of the investment partners.


Who can invest with Lloyd Jones?

Our investment partners include institutions, family offices, private investors, and our own principals. And now Lloyd Jones is launching a crowdfunding platform that will allow private investors to participate in institutional-quality acquisitions with smaller investor shares.

Advantages of real
estate investing

  • Cash flow. Real estate provides a steady, dependable cash flow.
  • Potential capital appreciation. You should get back more than you invest.
  • Tax benefits. Check with your tax accountant to determine your particular situation.
  • Stability. Real estate does not experience the roller coaster fluctuations of the stock market.
  • Hedge against inflation. Your property value increases with inflation.
  • Diversification. Uncorrelated to stock and bond markets, real estate balances your investment portfolio as it is unaffected by corporate earnings reports and market whims.

A history of excellence

Our vertically integrated company has four decades of real estate experience through numerous economic cycles.

Why invest with Lloyd Jones

  • We focus on markets we know. Our specialized teams assist in identifying market trends and high-potential opportunities.
  • We focus on products we know: income-producing multifamily and senior housing assets.
  • Our dedicated, in-house investment/analyst teams perform stringent underwriting and due diligence, backed by the resources of the entire Lloyd Jones team and experiences of our management divisions. 
  • We are an owner/operator. We don’t allocate our funds to others to invest for us. We make direct investments. Thus, our investors save an entire level of fees and can expect greater returns—as well as a greater say in the investment itself.
  • And Lloyd Jones always shares the risk by investing its own funds in every investment.